What I realised with Spring coming so soon is that the apocalypse has taken a lot slower than expected. I suppose Hollywood has prepared us for a 2 ½ hour-long film, with a clear rise in action, climax and resolution with something visibly more deadly like an alien invasion. Instead, the birds are chirping. Even with switching to home-schooling, life has slowed down, and I realised that I have been absorbing more and more ‘content’ specifically related to this new and strange experience. Previously, I shared digitalised art shows that you should visit, now I wish to curate a realistic chronological ‘soundtrack for the apocalypse’ with its own little ‘film festival.’

Songs/ Albums:

1)Godspeed! You Black Emperor- Dead Flag Blues
A couple of days into all this and I really thought that this is what the apocalypse would be like. Slow, maddeningly tense and definitely narrated not by the media, but by some obscure deep voice. Lyrical both in its voice-over and in its composition, this song remains a haunting reminder to what we believe the end sounds like.

2)HAAi- Streaming from Isolation for the Boiler Room
Boiler Room, although based in London, works globally. As an online music broadcasting platform, it perfectly adapted to the current situation as it started asking DJs to live stream their sets from their bedroom. I discovered this set a week into self-isolation at 3 am, and I did something you probably can’t do at most raves; lie down on the carpet and fall asleep.

3)Justin Der- Covers
And like everything else, school started catching up. Yes, the memes about Zoom are solid, but focused, concentrated work was impossible. Although Justin Der’s original work is brilliant too, his guitar instrumental covers serve as a nice alternative to lo-fi hip hop and bring out the smooth jazz elements of Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean.

4)Lola Marsh- Only For A Moment
A little bittersweet, but with most festivals postponed/ cancelled it’ll be a while until it is viable to crazy-jump around and dance in crowds. So instead, here is this little bop to keep you going until summer.

5)Mort Garson- Mother Earth’s Plantasia
Released in 1976, this is electronic music not meant for you but for your house plants to listen to. With so many plant friends being left behind small apartments due to hasty lockdown measures taking place all over the country, I started to get worried. However, my friendly landlady promised to take care of my Aloe Vera and Orchids, and I dedicate this album to her. My personal favourite is “Concerto for Philodendron & Pothos.”

Written by: Borbala Pal

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